Tuesday, January 27, 2009

White and Red Christmas

We had a great time going to Utah for Christmas. The first two weeks, we spent in the Salt Lake area enjoying the snow.
Then we went to St George to see my mom and dad.
And to enjoy the red rocks.

Lincoln decided that he liked the snow.

Until it got in his boots.

My little snow angel, Andrew.

It was great to be back home in Huntsville.

Where it snows in October and sticks around until April.

Justin loved flying off the hill down to the river bottoms of Pineview reservoir. Just like I used to do, when I was his age.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my kids didn't think that they were getting any presents from mom and dad. It was really fun to lay in bed and listen to them as they woke up and discovered the gifts under the tree. It went something like this. Andrew: "Justin, hurry, look, there are stockings under the tree!" Justin: "They're probably just decorations." Andrew: "But look! They have our names on them!" Andrew and Justin: Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Lincoln: "Candy!"

Wow, it's crazy how much the temperature and the
scenery changes when you drive South for 5 hours in Utah.
Snow Canyon in St. George.
Not much snow though.

Merry Christmas!