Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday



Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have always found gratitude to be an important concept. I find that the more grateful I am, the happier I am. When we are counting our blessings and feeling grateful for all that we have, we realize that we have enough. Then we are not "waiting for life to get better". We are not feeling unsatisfied and discontent. It is a mindset. It is choosing to have a positive outlook. We are in control of our thoughts and in so doing, we control our moods. Choose to be grateful, and you are choosing to be happy. The Lord blesses us abundantly. He wants us to be happy and, he wants to bless us more.

He has always been very generous with me. I more fully realized this when we moved to Belize. I have traveled through poverty stricken areas before. I had seen homeless people on the street. It was not until I lived around impoverished people that it truly had an effect on me. I became friends with women who struggled to buy rice and beans to feed their children for breakfast. Who saved up their pennies to buy 5 spoons for their kitchen. While I was there, I did my best to help where I could. Financially, I gave as much as Ty would let me. I gave service, I gave friendship and I shared my testimony. As I did, my gratitude grew. Never again will I feel poor.

My friend Joanne is a great example to me. She lives in a small wooden shack that her husband built. It is small, maybe 20' x 20', and her family of five squish in together. They have to use a shallow outhouse. (They can't dig too deep because they live on rock). I could go on and on about the hardships that she faces every day but the point is, she is grateful. I never hear her complain. Her faith in Christ is strong and she has a great love for others. She tells me all the time how grateful she is for her life, for her family, for her little home. Joanne is happy.

I am happy too. I am grateful.

I am grateful for:

My Savior, Jesus Christ. My knowledge of the gospel. My health. Tyler. Justin. Andrew. Lincoln. My parents. Ty's parents. My brothers and sisters. (Especially you Amy!) Ty's brothers and sisters (especially Melanie). Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. I am thankful for my home. To be out of debt. Food storage. The USA. FRIENDS!. Charlie (My dog, [bring him home Tyler!]) My computer. Cellphones. Lots of warm blankets and sweaters. Savings. Belize. My animals in Belize. Joanne. Airplanes. To be in the Young Women. President Monson. My camera. Washer and Dryer. My children's school and teachers. Yoga class. Vacations. Clean laundry. My car. Nap time, (Lincoln's). Trees. Smiles.

And I'm greatful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Wild Rollins Tribe vs. The Zoo

Their Monkey

My Monkey

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tomorrow, November 13th, is Tyler's birthday. I am sure glad that he was born!
(Thank you Joan and Kenn.) He is in Belize right now so we can't celebrate with him. So if you are reading this Ty, we wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!

Isn't he So Cute!

He has always loved adventure!
Is there really any wonder that he wanted to live in Belize?

And, he's raising our boys to be just like him.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday, Justin and Andrew had a patriotic assembly at their school to celebrate Veterans day. The children talked about America and the freedoms that we have here. They talked about our founding fathers, and their great love of this country. They sang "God Bless America". And they honored all military veterans. Many of the children had the privilege of bringing a family member, who has served in the military, to honor them. It was a wonderful experience. I have to admit, I got a little teared up with love of America. We are truly blessed to live in this great country. I am thankful to all of those who have served and fought for our freedoms. It is my prayer that the citizens of this great nation will continue to fight for it and for what our founding fathers intended it to be.
God Bless America!
Happy Veterans Day!

Friday, November 7, 2008


So the last few weeks have been pretty stressful, leading up to the election. And, well, you all know how that ends. My house is a mess. Ty went to Belize. The list goes on.

But look at the happy smiles on my boy's faces today. :)

Smiling is infectious, You can catch it like the flu, Someone smiled at me today, And I started smiling too.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!